Part 1: Someplace Quiet, Secluded

Long difficult year had passed since we
Last talked face-to-face, over coffee,
Gourmet muffins, fork sharing, in local
Coffee shop. Hard months imparted
Changes. Her bright, fine-featured face
Appeared fatigued, sun-deprived, still
Healthy, nonetheless. Based on how her
Eyes diverted from mine, she felt same
About me. First morning light, bathroom
Mirror reflected cold honesty.

After months, we reunited, diplomatic
Words and distance, punctuated by
Silence, interrupted by confessions.
“I was on anti-anxiety meds during
The summer,” she offered. “It’s just
A blur now.” Nodding, I said, “I wept
Whilst alone. I needed more from you,
But understood. You were outside my
Bubble.” Her hand touched mine,
Fingertips first, then fingers meshed.

We left the coffee shop for someplace
Quiet, secluded, our private forested
Sphere, where hand holding progressed
To long hugs, our first kiss since recent
Memory, reaffirmation of love. Self-
Conscious, we could only embrace so
Much. I dared not venture below her
Thin neck. With such restraints, we
Agreed, and in doing so, promised
To visit our forested sphere again.

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