Into forests deep we ventured, tall
Pines sky-reaching, bright clearing
Found. Yes, two of us, sheer robes
Undone amongst ferns, cool breeze,
Two bodies taking mid-day sun. For
Her, natural state, nonchalant body
Bare, frontal nudity beholding blue
Skies, remnants of ancient faith, pagan
Goddess she acclaimed, pairing mortal
And divine. Two nymph sisters joining
Hands, I agreed. By single kiss, pressing
Breasts simple ceremony of beauty
Paired, was I deified or deftly defiled?

“Somethings we dare not perform,” I
Offered to no avail, virtue fled to foreign
Fields, for I had flushed beyond radiant
Solar rays, body flowing honeycomb,
Breaths restless deep, onto verdant altar
Arms and legs entwined. O! Let me suffer
Rustic rites, swooning partner in such
Fiery sights, kissed from blushing brow
To writhing hips, mouth, breasts her
Rightful domain. Of forest ceremonies,
No more can I relate save secret one:
Real or imagined, affections given
Were equally returned. 

From recent forest visit, thanks for reading.

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