"Movement upon liquid sphere, wave-touching clouds..."
“Movement upon liquid sphere, wave-touching clouds…”

For now ocean has lost me,
But I have not lost the ocean.
Smell of salt air and diesel
I miss most, my sleeping bag
And bunk, coffee, movement
Upon liquid sphere, wave-
Touching clouds, mercurial
Sea colors, the routine and
Unpredictability of sea-life.

For years I spent my life thus,
Cursing cold and rusted deck–
Plate, beating sun, chilling
Spray, wash-downs, taking
Fish from ocean depths,
Working alongside men whose
Sweat and might I learned to
Tolerate and admire, their
Strong-backed determination.

"Keeping watch, navigating, following mariner’s "Rules of the Road."
“Keeping watch, navigating, following mariner’s “Rules of the Road.”

Work eight hours, sleep four,
Drive the middle and morning
Watches, angled night retreating
At first glimmer of sunrise, eat
Breakfast and sleep till noon,
Cycle begins again, wave plowing,
Weather reading, keeping watch,
Navigating, following mariner’s
“Rules of the Road.”

Reflections of life working on the water.

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