Final moments in mountains, my soul
Wandering free along heights I loved,
Lingering by seashores and fresh salt
Breezes. I have given all to moors and
Rolling pasturelands extending to
Roaring ocean cliffs. Then peace I will
Have of setting sun with knowledge that
We once loved, walked this splendorous
Path, memories etched into our souls.

As I rise toward gathering light, death
Dealt no victory. In declining years,
I reached final verses of life, stanzas
Of heartfelt rhyme and rhythm, each
An account of family history, marriage,
Shared hopes and faith, moments of
Joy and struggled sadness, that marked
And punctuated life, tempered mettle
Of hardy Englanders.

Weep for me if you must, but know that
I have returned to peace and glorious
Light, divine hands welcoming above
Waves white cresting, waiting in forgiving
Love, music of dancing streams. Final
Moments in view of all I had known and
Loved, one last fleeting glance, I ascend
Higher into radiant clouds above verdant
English countryside.

This poem was written whilst listening to “Final Minutes
and the Mountains” b
y Dan Romer, original soundtrack for
the motion picture 
“Sleepwalking in the Rift.”

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