My love for you kindled
Passionately and unafraid.
In the quiet liquidity of the night,
We gently talked, kissed, and slept.
In every sense a
Mortal body could convey,
I gave myself to you –
And you to me.

At first you accepted
When I asked you to marry,
To be my life’s companion.
With a loving, tearful embrace,
Your aura glowed and
Hovered to me as one.

Then something changed that night.
A maelstrom swirled in hostile eyes,
Twisting our promises,
And inflicting pain.
In one deftly blow,
You callously cleft
My heart in two.

I felt injured heartbeats,
Palpitations in my chest.
Scars a stone moon
Could not withstand,
You accused me of
Manipulation and
Fabricating my love for you.

Hearing those scornful words
No one could have survived.
A faltering heart and waning breath
Left me prostrate on your bed.

Please do not say you love me now,
For I am too vulnerable to resist.
Gratefully, I would take you back
As if nothing untoward took place.
So for tonight, be gentle in word and deed.
Tell me sweet lies softly in your arms.
Let me sleep next to you
And permit my injured
Heart and weary love to heal.

Written weeks later after a devastating personal experience requiring an emergency room visit and several days of rest.  It happens.

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