“Spark of creation,
from nothingness arising, single cells
swimming seafoam green.”

Beyond primordial ocean depths, earth
Dark azoic void, into this I unwittingly
Stepped, no firm footing, no familiar
Beach, safe harbour for my soul, god-
Absented manifold, unfathomed, hope-
Forsaken, I felt world exempt of life or
Love. Memories persisted, ocean waters
Reflecting cerulean blue, testament ocean
Deities proclaimed, chorus of voices,
Benevolent breath, spark of creation,
From nothingness arising, single cells
Swimming seafoam green.

Was this genesis anew, collapsing into
Chaos, all things done, ever known?
Epochs distilled into one silvered drop,
Darkest shadows, divinity had no voice,
Life-instilling breath reduced to winter’s
Trembling leaf. Indeed, higher powers
Did abound, pantheon of gods single
Voice amongst greater cosmic chorus.
Arms outstretched, reaching hands,
Fingertips touched shimmering pools,
Dozen circling suns, curtain of eternal
Night torn asunder.

“Woman at the Well,” Carl Bloch, WikiArt.

Strangest thing, all I was ceased to be,
Not lost, but stardust recast, fiery
Crucible of divine light. Nor was I alone,
Thousand, thousand swept into depths
Of celestial spheres. Voices rare refrains,
Melodies, language understood by every
Soul. For some higher destinies required:
Healers, prophets, greater gifts instilled.
Where was I within living thought? Soul-
Vexing guidance given: feed the hungry,
Heal the sick, raise the dead, die horrific
Death, evidence eternal cycles repeated.

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