"Cashmere," John Singer Sargent, 1908, WikiArt photo, for this poem, the Chorus.
“Cashmere,” John Singer Sargent, 1908, WikiArt.

Part 6: Soul Released to Void

Final thoughts of Erenay:
Beyond what I see and know is nothingness,
Darkness, no desert, no prophet, or prayer,
My existence reduced to poetic words on
Paper, foreign time-realm, rocky shores,
Crashing seas. Here, I do not belong and
Cannot exist. As my grip to this other world
Weakens, I dissolve to timelessness, strand
Of light far-stretched, until my soul is
Released to void, and again is rekindled as
Another. For now in love’s realization, I had
Different faces, prior poetic names.  They
Welcome me in verse eternal.  Lo! My Last
thought bright and pure: In the prophet,
I do believe.

"Gallo-Roman Women," Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1865, WikiArt photo.
“Gallo-Roman Women,” Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1865, WikiArt.

Quote from “The Sphere” by Empedocles:
Love draws near and yearns for each. For
From these elements hath budded all that
Was or is or evermore shall be – all trees,
And men and women, beasts and birds, and
Fishes nourished in deep waters, aye, the
Long-lived gods, in honors excellent. For
These are all, and, as they course along
Through one another, they take new faces
All, by varied mingling and enduring change.

Poetic characters rekindled and reborn:
“Erenay, Moon Mystic, Parts 1 thru 6,”
“Shepherdess Rhete, Parts 1 thru 10,”
“Ilithya, Oracular Temple, Parts 1 thru 7.”
“Kandaké, Stone Sarcophagus, Parts 1 thru 5,”
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and others, their lights enduring, stories told.

This concludes the “Erenay” poems.
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