Part 5: Desert Stranger

"Christ in the Wilderness," Ivan Kramskoi, 1872, Wikipedia photo.
“Christ in the Wilderness,” Ivan Kramskoi, 1872, Wikipedia.

Night amongst desert campfire, lone stranger
Approached, dark-robed, walking staff, water
Skin empty. As was custom, I offered all I had.
Conversation beneath stars, flame-illuminated
Faces, he asked, “How did you know? You were
Prophetess?” Perhaps in retrospect, easier it
Was to confide in total stranger than explaining
To friends or family. Wood to flames added,
Warmth keeping, deep thoughts smoldering,
Eyes flame-cast in verse-reciting prayers.

Silence of stars, awaiting orbing lights, tears
Streaked down my face, not of sorrow but of
Release of burdens never told to mortal soul.
“Within me was awakening, dawning divine
Sight, my heart aflame with love and healing,
Words until tonight, I could not describe.”
As if heavens listened, I continued, “In midst
Of teaching, guiding, arose deific light, not
From me, but with those touched, for I was
Vessel only for designs of deserts gods.”

Lo! I felt prayers of weary-sick, believers
Who prayed as if last breath, so touching,
Elevated they were to gods, tasks given to
Me, guided along my path to heal to mend
Hearts broken by death-despair. Yes, I felt
Pain, because, as if drowning in seas or
Quicksand, they released it so willingly.
Into desert I wept, like this very night, to
Relinquish burdens, stones upon my soul.
Yes, I prayed, for myself and them, for evil
Amongst us, vanquished by divine light.

"Woman at the Well," Carl Bloch, WikiArt.
“Woman at the Well,” Carl Bloch, WikiArt.

During nights I slept my soul renewed, rising
To firmament of stars, heavenly vault where
Divinity strengthened faith, earthly resolve.
Such was my spiritual oasis, green pastures.
During sun-rising morning prayers, direction
Received, “Travel east, woman at well.” Like
You my friend, staff in hand, across trackless
Dunes I walked, water skin and soul welling
Full. For few moments I slept, solace of desert
Night. When I awakened, visitor had vanished.
I wondered then and now if all recalled was
Visitation, vision, or was dreamt.

One additional poem, Part 6, will conclude this “Erenay” series,
adolescent girl who listened d
ivine voices of night desert winds,
became healer and prophetess. 
Thanks for reading.  

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