"Italian Girl's Head," John William Godward, 1902, WikiArt photo.
“Italian Girl’s Head,” John William Godward, 1902, WikiArt.

Part 2: Oasis Visions

Solitude and peace, Erenay, at edge of
Wind-rippling oasis she prayed, desert
Sun palm tree-shaded, her heavenward
Refrains tear-turned, pained sorrows,
From obedience and humility, divinity
Revealed, first beaming aura, hovering
Spherical light, soul of souls, fount of
Founts, limitless and without mortal
Form, tree-waving wind, motion of life,
Footsteps in sand appearing.

Lo! Invisible became visible, whispered
Words, deific mind-shaping, “Walk with
Me.” Humbling heart-touching, into oasis
Depths Erenay stepped, waters up-welling,
Light hovering round her, time and earth-
Thunderous spirit from which all rivers
Flowed, into light-ascending sphere
Erenay rose, purged of flesh and bone,
Fiercer fires burned, into holy oneness
She did gaze, all knowing prophet spoke
Without words.

Before world was girt by oceans and seas,
Tides, seasons, firmament arose, creation
As is sun to winter dormant fields, before
Living things were born, invisible became
Visible, Prophet hand-in-hand, splendors
Erenay beheld visions she scarcely under-
Stood, limitless without limit, coalescing
Planets, first rising sun, first water of rain
Clouds, earth birth-giving.

"Bedouin at an Oasis with Pyramids," David Bates, 1902, WikiArt photo.
“Bedouin at an Oasis with Pyramids,” David Bates, 1902, WikiArt.

Thus were gods’ golden ages, where they
Walked their seed-sown terrain, tree-
Clothed mountains sky-reaching, divine
Spark, animals and fish of sea, hearts
Beating, blood coursing, such perfection
Realized, evolving by godly hands, epochs
Erenay witnessed and was overwhelmed,
Visions of prophetic verse, to oasis she
Returned, sphere descending, trees wind-
Waving, seeing, knowing beyond words.

Whether transient or enduring, Erenay, Moon Mystic, is
an emerging poetic character. Libyan deserts are her
domain, her family belonging to shepherds clans, nomadic
camel caravans. Entering a life of religious seclusion,
Erenay follows teachings of an ancient prophet.

Written whilst listening to “Crusaders” by Harry Gregson-Williams,
from “Kingdom of Heaven,” original motion-picture soundtrack.

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