“Love courageous and unafraid, envy of angels.”

We share an unholy love, lust on hot nights,
Alcohol and drugs, old beach house, open
Windows with no screens, rotating electric
Fan failing to keep us cool, thunderstorms
Overhead, surf lapping at our door, shared
Perversions, struggled pain, orgasms in
Winding rain, cold showers, another
Cigarette, gulp from last night’s drink,
Ice and candles melted. Sheets twisted,
Clothes and pillows pushed to floor,
Drool on sex-stained mattress, inked
Arms and legs sweaty, drugged sex-sleep
Oblivion, wings of impassioned flight,
Love courageous, unashamed,
Envy of angels.

Edited and revised, fun poem to write originally on cold November night, 2014.

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