Part 1: Maine Island Romance

Inner light, glowing flame alighted within,
Embers rising to wondrous warmth, slow,
Gradual, unintended, through penned words,
Inked lines in letters, I have fallen in love.
No, I have not shared this revelation with
Anyone, not even my family. How could I?
As it would mean leaving our Maine island,
Moving away from rocky coastline.

On islands, nothing goes unnoticed. News
Travels quickly. It’s inescapable, mysterious
Envelopes with delicately penned address –
Emily Cunningham, Harbour Island, Maine –
On fine envelopes was noticed, questioned,
Hushed voices at our general store, visiting
Artist, imaginings at coffee-stirring café
Tables, all imparting lightness to my step. 

Next, paper-wrapped box arrived. Chocolates
Gossipers surmised. After passing through
Dozen island hands (shaking, sniffing as I
Later learnt) with feigned grace I accepted
Perplexing package, spiriting to nearby
Wood, ferns, quiet-running brook, painting
Revealed therein, oil-on-canvas, four seasons
Viewed from farmhouse studio window. 

Small note attached: “Seasons change my
Cresting wave. Listen to calls of darting sea-
Birds. Come take shelter in my love.” What
Feelings awakened within! Belongings packed,
Could I take next ferry, run away? Or would
I endure another island winter, cold rains,
Snow-bound weeks, my lover and I connected
By pen and paper, island romance? 

What will Emily do, remain on her provincial Maine island
or venture
inland for romance with farmhouse-based artist?
Thanks for reading this fictional romance. 



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