"Cassotis,: John William Godward, 1914, WikiArt.
“Cassotis, John William Godward, 1914, WikiArt.

As Adyon and I ascended marble steps,
Realization struck, my Athens life existed
Not on desolate beach or on higher planes.
Nor as Adyon’s mother could I follow her.
With every rising tier, her divine radiance
Grew, my strength waned. For course of
This life, whether moments or millennia
Shared, I had accepted Adyon as if from
My bosom nursed, such blesséd fulfillment
I treasured, war-widow of late age.

From misty terraced steps Adyon perceived
Boundless immortal gods, without inception
Or decay, time a living being round mortal
Bodies flowed, reservoir of memories. We
Climbed thousand sunrises, passing dawn
And dusk, pallid moon, light of celestial
Affirmation, Mount Olympus and Olives,
Revelations made, creation self-sprung
Thought, eternal oceans motion formed.

O! Adyon, gods know each star and grain of
Sand, measure depth of universe, ebb and
Flow of life as foaming seas brought you to
Our feet. Hear concerns of pilgrims and kings,
Our wisdom as oracle spoken, witness events
Past hope or credence, see all that shall be,
Pages time-fluid before final chapters sealed.
Child, why cry so in pain? Mortal peering into
Divine light, hair and face burnished bright,
God-greeted at altars high, Adyon’s soul recast.

"Roman Matron," John William Godward, 1905, WikiArt.
“Roman Matron,” John William Godward, 1905, WikiArt.

Witnessed this from afar, Adyon daughter lost
To me. Lo! Pilgrims came, my duties to hear
Their pleas and plights, questions posed.
Realization washed over me. By sea-storms
Donya and I had perished, desolate beach
Intermediary plane, heavenly realm close,
Often touched as daydreams. All things seen,
beyond my comprehension, except my words
To ship master: “Where ever winds take us,
We will go.” Alas! No greater truth spoken.

For now Adyon and Kandake have returned to poetic “desolate
beach, heavenly realm close, often touched as daydreams.”
Donya transformed to Adyon, same letters rearranged.
Thanks for reading.

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