"The Annunciation," Edward Burne-Jones, 1879, WikiArt.
“The Annunciation,” Edward Burne-Jones, 1879, WikiArt.

Part 3: Donya Becomes Adyon

In ship-quiet night, Donya whispered, “Elder
Mother, I know who I am, for gods call me
Adyon, this much they have revealed.” “My
Child, we know not will of gods, obey them,
Walk in their light,” I advised. “Yes, mother,
The gods know all, past, present, and future,
With strength of lions, their will comes as
Thousand marching feet.” Thus was first
Oracular statement of Adyon.*

Into night, the ship pressed, waves and wind
Building, sail-tearing specters wailing over-
Head. Steerage and direction lost, spray-
Drenched captain announced, “As you said,
Mother, ‘Where ever winds take us, we will
Go.’” Peril of crashing waves, weight of
Wine and oil-filled amphorae, by holy
Sacrament, sailing ship broke upon itself,
All cast into blackness of storming might.

O! Lost to windswept waves, Adyon and
Kandake held to faith of flotsam, buoyant
briny beams. Amongst bodies dead, to beach
They daylight washed, austere, far-reaching
Plain, bones of shipmates surf-dissolving,
Adyon and Kandake marooned in place-time.
Daylong they walked, sun never rising higher,
Surf-reflecting clouds, on endless strands,
No when or where, their pilgrimage began.

"To beach they daylight washed, desolate, far-reaching plain..."
“To beach they daylight washed, austere, far-reaching plain…”

Before us marble steps emerged from sand,
Narrow-winding into mist they rose. With
Few steps taken, all beneath was no more,
Ceaseless sea transformed to thorn and
Stone. “Mother, in faith these steps we must
Climb, divine journey I cannot take alone.”
Hand-in-hand, my child and I ascended
One step, then another into opalescent light,
Princess-slave now oracle, belovéd Adyon.

* Adyon’s oracular statement was derived from
historically recorded. See this link:

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