“Hour of Prayer,” Joseph Farquharson, 1868, WikiArt.

Part 1: Prayers and Chants

Under tutelage of Dolius, Theon’s morning
Began with prayers and chanting, one the
Same, though different, refrains of soul
Beyond words, efforts of well-intended
Adolescent, advancing to meditation of
Body and mind, ritual of rising sun from
Surf edge, mountain peaks, or on rainy
Mornings, liquid melodies spilled upon
Tiles of marble balconies.

As revealed in ancient texts, meditation
Arose to trance, temporal perceptions,
Past and future, mind sky-rising to deific
Presence, levels of personal awareness,
Evolution of soul, spirituality Dolius taught
Theon, experiences shared, guiding visions,
Recorded on papyri scrolls, experiences
Intimate between aspirant, prayerful
Levels ascending to divine.

“Father, I can make clouds dissolve,”
Theon stated. From seashore balcony of
Their hermitage, thoughts projected to
Passing clouds, evaporating at will. With
Single nod, Dolius acknowledged, replying,
“When you can form them, show me,
White and billowing from fleeting mist,
One is compelling into nothingness,
Other is calling upon creation divine.”

“Vault of rosette radiance upon their souls…”

Months later, Dolius and Theon prayed
Upon isolated seashores, chanting sun
Rising. Arms raised skyward, Theon’s
Clear voice ascended, mind entranced
Upon blue sphere, clouds horizon formed,
Billowing, sunlight reflecting, vault of
Rosette radiance upon their souls. One
With mortal-divine, by these moments,
Theon, godly prophet had become.

Thus begins new poetic series, Dolius and Theon,
son of Æliana (in the last series). 

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