"Workbasket," Albert Joseph Moore, 1979, WikiArt photo.
“Workbasket,” Albert Joseph Moore, 1979, WikiArt photo.

Part 3: Dodona’s Dark Defilement

In Dodona’s dark defilement we existed, man
And beast in shadowed servitude, wanting
For nothing, we were naught, depraved soul
And heart, for as fields died before our eyes,
So had we, roaming naked, from upright walking
We stooped to hands and knees, caring not
For passing days, time unmeasured, except
For few fisherfolk, who noticed tides receding
And advancing, muddled minds awakened.

By seafaring cunning, fishers cheated hate
diving into salty waves, on Ægean cays and
Keys, they prayed to Poseidon, ancient curse
Unhinged, floods abated, Dodona’s temple
Earthquake crushed, unholy phantom swallowed
Whole by Sea Lord’s might. Yet of Cipriana, her
Wings lightning-scorched, found lifeless near
Ruins, child-slave suffering most, unwillingly
Transformed, bloodless flower without breath.

Father’s prayers for forgiveness, Cipriana, what
Penance imposed, blessings denied for heeding
Dodona’s call? Daughter strayed to darkness,
By redeeming sun, her face, eyes as burnished
Bronze, her heart lit afire, once touched by gods,
Good or evil, curse cannot be undone. On land,
Cipriana was accursed, destiny sailing relentless
Seas, foreign and unknown, Dodona’s oracular
Gifts forfeit, healer Cipriana was god-ordained.

"Seagulls," Albert Joseph Moore, 1871, WikiArt photo.
“Seagulls,” Albert Joseph Moore, 1871, WikiArt photo.

As pantheon deities decreed, Cipriana left her
Farming family to dwell with fisherfolk, distant
Clans residing on ocean-washed isles. There,
Sick and injured sought her salves and balms,
Medicines derived from seaweed and Ægean
Depths. Yet, certain seagull taunted Cipriana,
Darting low, rising upward into cloud, human
Beak, feathered face, scolded Cipriana, once
Child-goddess, Dodona’s Darkling Dove.

This concludes three-part poem that began prior to
Maine and is posted after returning home.
Parts 1 and 2 are poems numbered 701 and 702,
respectively. Thanks for reading. 

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