"Villa by the Sea," Arnold Böcklin, 1878, Kunstmusem, Winterthur, Switzerland, Wikiart photo.
“Villa by the Sea,” Arnold Böcklin, 1878, Kunstmusem, Winterthur, Switzerland, Wikiart photo.

Uncertainty came gradually, encroaching
Visceral angst, when familiar dissolves into
Forced observance, realization that we worship
New gods, or a single god, one of sacrifice,
Crucified, holy blood spilled on a wooden cross
By brutal hands and spears of Roman soldiers,
Mocking executioners exacting mortal pains.

Ironically, Roma is my home, an ocean villa,
Warm sea breezes upon cool marble and
Alabaster, flowing curtains, wine and servants,
Who in forced obedience, worship me as I
Once revered ancient gods at their columned
Temples, ornate and majestic, security and
Safety in animal sacrifice, honoring the fates.

Palpable was decline of godly Captoline Triad,
Their strength and influence waned into
Oblivion as perplexed mortals worshiped the
Christian god, or as many did in secretive
Silence, turned to secular life, divorcing them-
Selves from divine, old or new, Roman, Greek,
Or Christian, bereft of proportion and harmony.

Thus on this sleepless night is my state, that
Of my family. We have knowingly abandoned
Perfection, genius of mythos, the æsthetic.
Empty are my soul and shrine, idols providing
Solace, sense of loyalty to hierarchy of our lords,
Human and divine, armored and enlightened,
Protection and salvation, wine and daily bread.

Alas, I know not myself as Roman, a citizen of
The Empire. While peering upon Tyrrheanian
Seas, I realize epiphany. Greek and Roman gods
Are the same, similar interpretation of the Holy
Triad of my ancestors. Rome, Athens, or Bethel,
We will worship in solemn quietude, miracle
Of divine light, pellucid and deep.

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