ocean-rocksMy world seems disconnected from
Those that I love, ocean, beach, and
Gathering weather, for reasons that
I neither know nor understand, to
Wrestle for my place again, amongst
Rhyming words, idyllic tales of old.

Why have I been torn from this lonely
Ocean strand to founder without plan
Nor purpose? Returning is difficult only
In depths of night, the plight of spirit
Over flesh, those who have feelings,
Frightening shadows in darkest hours.

Words have left me for now, pleasures
Of poetic passion, colorful brush, palate
Of thoughts, mercurial and exotic,
Classical and modern, oceans and
Arctic, poetry of Helluland, Markland,
Viking glories, whale paths, mysteries
Of ancient gods, vengeful and forgiving.

Brithe, Cosme, Thyone, Signy why have
You vanished, scattered like wind from
My heart and soul? I feel as desolate as
You drifting, lost on unknown seas,
Unfathomable depths, no landmarks or
Bearings to find my way to your side
Again, to hear your song, to share your
Life and meaning in heroic poetic verse.

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