ocean-rocksFor brief moments, I thought love had found
Us, warming ocean sunrise obscured by leaden
Clouds, sunny breaks and sunbeams, our
Distance too far to connect, our compasses
Taken to different headings, one not better
Or worse, with time separating, widening
Angles at horizon’s edge.

Did I express my love too soon, or did we
Hesitate when we should have fallen, hand-
In-hand, from dizzying heights? Once the
Spell was broken, I felt the emptiness, love-
Lights lost from your eyes, quick glance
Downward before kissing, pained transition
From love lost to friends.

Yet, I am willing to wait for faint glimmers
Of hope, silent company whilst together or
On the phone, strained courtesies facing
The inevitable, we are not seeing each other,
Familiar warmth absent at night, my phone
Glowing under your vacant pillow, social
Equivalent of stoically walking away.

This last time, I will tell you that I love you,
Yes, as friend, lover, or both, I care not which,
In hope and faith that you will return, that we
Can share a thousand ocean sunrises, as many
Evening walks on quiet strands, beyond this
I cannot say except that undeniably you have
Become part of me.

Written whilst listening to Beethoven Symphony No. 7 II,
“Speaking Unto Nations,” Alexandre Desplat, motion picture
soundtrack “The King’s Speech.”

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