schooner OVMaine lobstermen having breakfast,
interaction with the waitress…
“Do you have raisin bread left?”
“We’re done with raisin bread.”
“Heard her come in last night.”
“Make-n-break, one lunger.”
“Two-mast schooner, stayed the night.”
“Came in before tide went out.”
“I hate low water, hauling gear around.”
“Even the wife hates low water.”
(Older man wearing faded “Yes Dear” t-shirt.)
“Just ice-water to drink.”
“Can’t get close to the rocks.”
“You working tomorrow?”
“Changing oil, you know.”
Stirs coffee, spoon ringing on mug.
“Blueberry muffin grilled, butter.”
“Did you see BJ’s new boat?” “The white one?”
“Completely repainted, blue hull, black
at the waterline, white on top, new engine,
redone inside and out.”
“Sharp, good lookin’.”
“Going to check on the family.”
“Where are they living now?”
“You know, where the church is.”
“Turn there, white house down on the right,
been there 100 years.”
Slurps coffee, eats eggs.
“What’s Sid doing for work now?”
“Part-time at the boatyard.”
“Thought he was retired.”
“So did he.”
“Yep. See you next time.”
“Checking up on things.”
Wraps muffin in paper napkin and leaves.
Dialogue at the diner.

Whilst not poetry per se, this dialogue had innate rhyme
And rhythm, exchanges of two older lobstermen, punctuated
by slurps of coffee, melodic ring of coffee stirring.

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