“Before Sunrise,” Thomas Dewing, 1895, WikiArt.

Part 4: Nayera, Crucible of Creation

Shepherd daughter of sunlit meadow flowers,
Rock-cascading streams, goddess Ælektrona,
Beckoned me, Diadema, encouraged by divine
Voice and hands, hair unbound, naked bodies
In laurel seclusion embraced, no scandal nor
Scorn, except to parents, Arcasa and Papa
Lukos. Nayera ox-cart riding at my side,
We four journeyed to confront the goddess,
Follies I had no part, lest deific scorn returned
Tenfold, blessings transformed to lifetimes,
Children, farmlands cursed. Thus, my father
Discerned only stone outcropping afoot of
Spruce-clad hills, all I related lies, childish
Imaginings. Aloud he admonished Nayera
And me, then spat upon the ground.

Gathering clouds stream-darkened, breeze
Stilled to fetid air, fearing Papa Lukos’ scorn
Repaid, Arcasa said, “We should leave now.”
Lo! Darkness descended upon us, bird of
Prey, rock-ripping taloned claws, no goddess
Of dawn prevailed. As if mist obscured, sun-
Revealed, stone-lined bathing pool, posts and
Lintel emerged, each of us reading differently
Inscription looming overhead: “Portal no mortal
Fleshed bones may pass.” Aside from Nayera,
It meant to leave, never return again, light
Now burning within, alluring, captivating,
Prophetic fires illuminating souls. Alas!
Ælektrona stepped forth, her bright-beaming
Visage was gazing rising sun.

“June,” Thomas Dewing, 1920, WikiArt.

“I must return as temple priestess Erenay,”
announced Nayera. Stepping toward flaming
Light, her eyes and face as burnished bronze.
Thousand trumpets welcoming, she slid gown
From shoulder, then from breasts, robe trailing
To ground. For fiery moments, she stood tween
Mortal world and her destiny reckoned, visions
We both shared. Lo! Goddess’ blessing was fully
Revealed. Into portal Nayera stepped, crucible
Of creation, covering face and eyes. When sight
Returned, Nayera was reduced to smoldering
Pile of bones. Had she returned to ethereal
Temple, columns and peristyles of marble,
Serving goddesses and gods, or as we feared,
Smell of burning flesh, Nayera was no more?

What is Nayera’s fate? What will happen next? Opening of Part 1
was foreshadowing of 
events to come for Diadema and her family.
Thanks for reading.  

“Création du Monde” (Remastered), Vangelis, Vangelis: Delectus”

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