“Three Graces,” Carle van Loo, 1763, Wikipedia.

Part 2: Guardians of Blood-Bestained Stone

Spellbound by totems of lost sisters, gasping
Visions, parents at my side, I, Cosimia, asked,
“Old One, what do you perceive?” “Ancient
Maternal forces, clashing all round, repelling
Dark witchery, crone spread honey on her face,
Arms. “Witness thus!” Eye-burning powder she
Blew upon my face, cloud nostrils entering,
Mustard tasting, world we knew dust reduced,
Hands grasping, Crone and I spiraled madding
Plane, her name to me whispered, “Glyke.”

Naked bodies vine entangled, writhing snakes,
Orgiastic rhythms, arms, legs of dozen lovers,
Seed-spouting suitors, nectar-dripping flowers,
Life blooming, pungent taste of copulating
Couples, abdomen rounding, blood pulsing,
Oozing life, growth, withering death. Presence
Of ocean-rising tripartite, maternal deity,
Mountain emerging, as three forest trespassing
Sisters discerned: moon-maiden, sorceress,
Mother, burned bright with creation’s flame.

Glyke warned, “I fear entombed goddess is
Stone-released.”Cloudbourne heights we strove,
Distant Œtean mountain peaks, Glyke, parents,
And myself, searching, calling sisters, “Thyia,
Dione, Myrina.” Parents’ prayers, daughter
Found before setting Ægean sun, heaven’s
Galloping stead, night-darkened hillsides
Spruce-clad. Alas! Sisters found, guardians
Of blood-bestained stone, transformed from
Wayward adolescents to mind-unhinged
Priestesses three, maternal deity conjoined.

“Old Testament Trinity,” Andrey Rublev, from 1408 to 1425, Wikipedia.

“We are great doers of destinies,” three sisters
Spoke in metallic-voiced unison. “Generations
Are but one day, eternity, without yesterday
Or tomorrow, thus speaks the unspeakable,
In three forms: spirit, water, blood.”  Dread
And shame, as visions Glyke’s visions foretold,
Caverns deep, earth mother resided, mounts
Uplifted by her hand, most ancient of trinities
Divine, parents’ daughters lost in place, time,
Plaint minds alighted on transparent wings.

See this link for more on three separate beings representing a triad, appearing as a group, or as single deity known from
literary sources as having three aspects. 
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