“Anger of Achilles,” Jacques-Louis David, 1819, WikiArt.

Part 5: Coronis, Sybil-Sister (Last)

Time unhinged, awakened Immortal Charioteers
Knew not old-age nor life’s infirmities, restored
Bodies, youthful appearing, sleeping hundred
Decades in quietude. To first-speaking Ancient
Ones, Cosimia bowed, asking, “How may we
Address you Holy Father? This place we feared
Entombed.” “By many names I am known,
In northern regions, Vediovis, primal Aegis
Heaven sent,” in mystic refrains explained,
Etruscan lands between ancient Greece and
Latium, learnéd son born in Orytygia, Tegyra-
Killed, old hermit disappearing, re-emerging
By another name, parentage, birth place,
Godly titles ageless and unnumbered.

“Hearts and minds, reason for your pilgrimage
I know, truly understand,” Vediovis added,
Face, eyes sacred flames ablaze, torches afire,
Hestia’s hearth rekindled, and thus revealed,
Collections of etched plates, gleaming copper,
Sun reflecting, living words recorded by deific
Progenitors of man. Yet, as six Ancient Ones
Took to feet, one remained in deep slumber,
Woman in radiant youth. “Yes, it is Aethra,”
Vediovis confirmed. “Name and nature, aloft-
Guiding from Atheros’ highest realm.” “My
Lord,” small voice strained from goddess’
Lips, “I, Coronis, wish worthwhile life.”

Coronis true desires revealed, selfish anger
Of Kydilla, ancient alcove appearing, shoved
Iliona aside, darted out bronze door, few
Strides taken, disintegrating footsteps, into
Flames she burst, windblown ash, to aether
Kydilla dissolved, twin sister released, yet
No body for habitation. “My Lord, what fates
Await Kydilla, her fiery passing?” Iliona asked,
Mother’s mourning words. “Of these seven,
Origins of earthly faiths exist,” Vediovis said.
“Prophets, oracles, seers, our dominion to
Heal, create, time unraveled, mortal souls
Clay on potter’s wheel.” Left undisclosed,
Kydilla was sacrificed, forever gone.

“Art and Literature,” William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1867, WikiArt.

Ancient days, those approaching enemies,
Earth-walking gods, wrapped right hands in
Bright linen strips, sign of peace, upraised
Hand, Iliona followed custom, bowing to
Athera, awakened at her altar. “Mother-to-
Mother, bring forth statuette of Coronis.”
Incantations, bloodstained cloth, Iliona
And Coronis admixed, Aethra created lost
Daughter from flaming blaze, sister twin of
Cosimia. “Ours to share, Coronis is Sybil,
Oracular sight,” advised Aethra. “This place
My temple, her residence, such are gifts,
Blessings from the invisible world.”

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