“Three Graces,” Carle van Loo, 1763, Wikipedia.

Part 3: Ancient Lumasi Discovered

Clouds descending upon tomb mountaintop,
Bone penetrating mist, mercy of malevolent
Forces, beyond arm’s reach, Cosimia and I,
Her mother were invisible, dream realized:
“Light from darkness separated, past from
Present, soul from weary flesh.” Aethra and
Immortal charioteers absent, sealed bronze
Tomb door, small window awaited. Lo! Lost
To chaos, clinging, blending into each other,
Coronis’ statuette clutched to mother’s breast,
No chanting words to utter, no incantations
Of birth, life, or death.

Three entered into oneness, familiar faces
Inhabited time-revealed, mingling earth
Moments, life lapsing to death-suspended
Spirits, consciousness borne of eternal
Flame, creation’s primordial form. “Mother,
I am here,” voice-thought stated, equally
My own. “I know who I am.” Infant breath
Struggling, funeral pyre, from aether Coronis
Had risen and returned, thirsting soul,
Realization of beginning-to-ending flames,
Enduring bloodlines, red stains on linen
Towel, essence of shining face death-lost.

Clouds separating, all undone by bright
Sunlight, Coronis’ presence wind-dispelled.
Cosimia observed vine-overgrown tomb:
“Mother, door cannot open from outside.”
Alas, heavy-riveted bronze door bore no
Handle, lock, keyhole, opening only from
Within. Vines removed, mother’s horror,
Infant Coronis’ curse, door-flanking beasts
Stood guard: bearded man’s head, wingéd
Lion, ancient Lumasi, two entrance sentients,
Only by these star-ruling, stone-stoic faces
Would mortal passage be allowed.

“Triumphant Achilles,” Franz Matsch, Corfu, Greece, 1892.

Earth beneath us trembled, tree-toppling
Winds, presence of nameless god, to our
Knees we fell, Cosimia assuming, Lumasi
Pair awakened, I understood his foreign
Tongue, first few words spoken aloud,
Concluding with stentorian thoughts.
“I am immortal charioteer. Ancient customs
Revered, sacred object brought forward.
Blood of Coronis, mother’s right hand
Wrapped in bloodstained towel,
To tomb guardians. I am eternal, visible,
Indivisible, my carriage, rising, setting sun.

For more on Lamassu (singular) Lumasi (plural), ancient stone hybrid creatures,
see this link: https://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/32.143.2/ 
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