“Apparition,” Odilon Redon, WikiArt.

Part 2: Mother’s Revitalizing Blood

To my daughter, Cosimia, world was invisible,
Time-stilled, hourglass sand upward flowing
With each ascending turn of Mountain paths,
Rocky-narrows at cliff-edge, earth below us
Obscured by sunlit opalescent cloud. Earth
Invisible, eyes away turning from radiant mist.
We pushed upward, turning back dangerous,
Descending cloud-lost uneven steps. “Mother,
Aethra wishes to speak,” Cosimia advised,
Resting place, water spilling from living stone.
Contorted child, goddess her body entered,
Bizarre assumption of female mortal form.

“Tomb approaching, honour Hestia and hearth,”
Aethra began, eyes burnished blaze. “Bronze-
Door entrance passing, protecting torch flames,
Bones, grave gifts, warm hearts, twin sister,
Mother, wisdom recorded on copper plates
You may read, resurrect Coronis, nothing
Removed past tomb doors.” As Cosimia
Staggered, back against stone wall, deific
Statement more cryptic than revealing, arms
Cloud-reaching, daughter vision received,
“Passageway we must seek, beyond dark
Tomb door, opening, closing entrance.”

Secretly I had suffered, cruel fates, death of
Infant Coronis, bluish birth, benefiting not
From mother’s milk nor breath, Cosimia, life
Fullness, knew not darkness upon my soul.
Yet, from her vision, I related tomb to womb.
Nearly two decades, sacred statuette, blood-
Stained linen wrapped, years concealed,
Household shrine, not rustic god, but of
Coronis, recollections of infant consumed
By funeral-pyre flames with village elder
Woman, pungent smoke, twisted tendrils
Rising, memories, blood, ashes admixed.

“Wheel of Fortune,” Odilon Redon, WikiArt

O! Mother, world of invisible miseries with-
Held in love and pain. Orphic mysteries, do
You know love is admixed with everything?
Creation of heaven, immortal charioteers,
Light beckoning us on temple pilgrimage,
We rise mountain heights above earth and
Clouds. Lo! Tomb pediments ahead, forces
Encountered, ancient-divine, bronze door
Since antiquity sealed, by what magic spells
Unhinged? Dozen echoing voices I hear, each
Yearning for release, soul’s transmigration,
Daggers dripping mother’s revitalizing blood.

In Part 3, Cosimia and her mother, Iliona, approach deific-bone containing
tomb, with one window, through which light a
nd hopes may pass. Written
whilst listening to “Tears in the Rain,” Blade Runner motion picture
Soundtrack, Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch:
Thanks for reading.

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