“Fiancee of the Night,” Gustave Moreau, circa 1892, WikiArt.

Part 1: Immortal Charioteers

“Mother, world is invisible!” By these words,
Cosimia startled me awake, foot of my bed,
Saying, “Wind, bird songs, night-dark skies,
They are felt or heard, but not seen, except
Moon and stars, illuminating passing clouds.”
Cosimia had night-wandered again, half-
Awake, sky gazing. “Twinkling lights speak
To me,” she added. “Secrets revealed, light
From darkness separated, past from present,
Soul from weary flesh.” Her sleeping gown
In tatters torn, child rambling fields, spruce-
Clad hills, lone-surviving twin daughter.

Alas! From my window, revolving rainbow
Light was all around, pale-moon eclipsed,
I followed Cosimia outside. “Who, what is
That I see, but cannot perceive?” I asked.
Her answer: “Immortal charioteers beckon
Me, thought is their spirit-being.” And so
I stared, more puzzled than afraid, to
Cosimia they spoke, voices of musical
Refrains, ancients to daughter entranced,
Admitted to their advising light. “That
Which is not seen, as invisible exists, felt
Or heard, beyond reach of mortal eyes.”

Enveloped in divine radiance, Cosimia one
Word uttered: “Mother!” as she rose soul and
Body to their high-altar, ascending prayerful
Stairs, counting days, weeks, she arrived,
Her bones thin-stretched as wheat wind-
Waving. O! Such fortunate child lifted to deific
Isles. Earth in cruel calamities, to my mind
Marble tomb revealed, images clear, bronze
Door, where living gods, in elder years, laid
To rest: prophets, healers, seers, through
Cosimia, would speak again, earth teaching,
Divine voices turn-taking.

“Night,” Arnold Böcklin, 1895, WikiArt.

“I am Aethra,” goddess through Cosimia so
Stated to my mind. “Sorrowful weight daughter
Concealed, death of Coronis, never spoken
Aloud.” Memories of man-headed wingéd lion,
Twin daughters born, duality of fates, one
Blessed, other accursed, life and death, tear-
Steaming eyes, bones earth-buried, Coronis
Rendered invisible, night-sky darkness, wind
Upon my face, to her, world unseen, without
Senses, void of colourful light. To this temple,
We would travel, spiritual journey, arduous
Pilgrimage, regaining daughter lost, now found.

Whilst not directly stated, Cosimia’s mother is Iliona.
Poems of Cosimia series are the most esoteric, legend-myths originating
from Greek dark ages, ancient
gods, rites and rituals, accounts etched
on tomb-buried copper plates, light revealed. 
Written whilst listening to
“Her Eyes were Green,” Hans Zimmer and 
Benjamin Wallfisch,
“Blade Runner 2049” original motion picture soundtrack:

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