“Harmonie,” Henri Martin, WikiArt.

Wandering olive groves at night, I, Cosimia,
Cannot sleep, not  from worrisome dreams,
They fade in time, but secret assignation,
Overgrown mountain path, voices wind-
Whispering, ancient statue, marble goddess,
Laurel concealed, entangled, I heard her
Beckoning call, leaves fluttering in gentle
Breeze. Passions felt, seduction, moon-pale
Breasts, arms, legs, sea-waving hair, face
Immortal light. Knives, hand-saw, I cut away
Entrapping vines. Was goddess captivated,
Or by ethereal deific powers, venerated?

Once statue cleared to ground, moss-covered
Terraced steps, I found, ground buried, into
Hillside leading, expanse beyond discern,
To goddess’ feet I knelt, long toes kissed,
“How should I address you?” At first, no
Spoken response, except voices in depths
Of spruce trees. “Resurrection I require,
Long decades sleep, kiss upon my lips.”
Pedestal I did climb, upwards reaching,
Quick kiss upon cheek, corner of her
Mouth. Gentle disdain felt, words to my
Mind spoken: “Lover’s long embrace.”

Hands grasped upon goddess’ shoulders,
Eyes closed, reaching perilous heights,
Deep embrace, lips, face, eyes, all saliva-
Slickened. To ground I lunged, never before
So aroused. Alas! Rosy glow of flesh, goddess,
Spoke aloud, “I am rivers flowing, broad
Lands unfolding, I am Europa.” Lo! I had
Ventured onto shoreless seas, enchanted
Manipulation, her gown from shoulders fell,
Goddess breasts exposed, life returning,
Release from stone-suspension, dizzying
Expectations, too much of me required.

“Venus,” Albert Joseph Moore, 1869, WikiArt.

“Do this, favors returned accordingly, Europa
Honeyed-voice replied. “Would you leave me
Thus, immovable, living, thinking, voice?”
Eyes closed, cold breasts I embraced, warm
Milk-ambrosia dripping to my mouth. O!
What sins committed, sweet tastes savored,
Europa from pedestal stepped, with wingéd
Footsteps, forest disappearing. Under cold
Moonlight, I wander olive groves, wheat fields,
Goddess searching, for I am undone, voices
Breeze-beckoning, sleepless nights, ever
Anguished days, no affections more alluring,
Empty marble pedestal, my weeping place.

For more on this venerated Europa and her seduction, see this link.
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