“Art and Literature,” William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1867, WikiArt.

Part 3: Mysticism Alight in Bone, Blood (Last)

Cyllene’s temple returned, released as vine,
Tree abruption-ripped, roots bark-indwelling,
My soul, flesh lacerated. “Why me, why this?”
I, Cosmia, asked, pained past understanding,
Tumult miseries of Ægina endured. “Another
Distant place-time I seek solace alone, where
Mortals cannot follow,” goddess chided me,
Distraught, unwell, life-forces ebbed, my arms
Cyllene collapsed. From here, we journeyed
Across timeless seas, I learnt midnight deep
Immortals weep face-streaking tears, purest
Crystalline clear.

“Lesser deity, I am,” Cyllene confided. “At times
Too shy, too human, for mortals, oft prone to
Maternal care.” What remedies to alieve her
Angst, except accompanying to solace place,
Archaic mountain tribes, primitive rituals,
Dark-cloaked magic, lost mysteries unrevealed.
Charcoal in hand, precocious child crude
Stone drawings made, marveled curiosity to
Tribal clans, starry night he prayed, nameless
Gods beckoned, thus frequented by Cyllene,
Guiding deities, single tasting-touch of goddess’
Tears divine, artistic skills imparted.

Replica of Chauvet Cave Paintings, Wikipedia.

Cave entrance, Cyllene stated, “Mine he is as if
From my womb born, mysticism alight in bone,
Blood, charcoal paintings adorning cave walls.”
O! How his light brightly shown, artist blessed
Beyond ancient ages, deific light illuminating
Myriad beasts, running, flowing, as if alive ages
Past, anatomical, correct. “This was beginning,”
Cyllene reflected. “We visited men and women
Equal, bestowed blessings, skills in art, writing,
Music, healing. We asked nothing in return but
Gifts used for greater good. Of warring-turmoil,
This artistry remains pure, true.”

For more on Chauvet Cave paintings, see this informative link.
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