"Pythagoreans Celebrate Sunrise," Fyodor Bronnikov, 1868, Wikipedia photo.
“Pythagoreans Celebrate Sunrise,” Fyodor Bronnikov, 1868, Wikipedia.

Part 3: River of Time Reversed (Last)

As legend tells, cold, cruel curse of Kerilem
Caused chill of desert nights, fires flickering
Warming embattled camps. Yet as kings agreed,
To end killing, they must kill the killer, curse
Sealed upon such morbid appetites, tomb of
Granite blocks. As Mopsus surmised, rubric
Secrets learnt restoring Cosimia and Coronis
Were held in copper plaque, vowel pitch changed,
Curse reversed, twin’s lives restored, doomed
Not doomed to die.

Two sisters and Mospus on pre-dawn mountain
Peak, parents and villagers attending, weary of
Sunlit transformation of Coronis, Mospus held
Copper plaque into glint of rising sun: “Darkness
And light, all seen and done, for life given and
Taken, birth and rebirth, two curse-suspended
Sisters return as they were, existence such is
Worse than peaceful death.” Alas, sun’s revolving
Light, sisters transformed to vaporous cloud,
Veil of death fell free, into fiery sunlight rose.

O! Mospus, how you misread inscriptions on
Holy plate divine! For even blesséd gods know
Nothing is permanent but change,* as they too
Evolve, meaning lost in vowel-less ancient Ionian,
Cosimia and Coronis are but mist, lost to Eos,
Rosy-fingered dawn, upon his chariot twins
Shall ride, solace of moonlit nights. Yet, gods
Reflected grief and sorrow upon parent’s face,
To have trekked mountaintop in love and
Darkness, prayers and faith to no avail.

"Sleeping Girl," Alexy Venetsianov, Wikiart.
“Sleeping Girl,” Alexy Venetsianov, Wikiart.

Mighty clamor upon clear atmosphere, river of
Time reversed, sun east setting, dusk returned
To dawn. Alas! Recent days unwound, Cosimia
And Coronis transformed from cloud to mortal
Face and form. Earth tremors during shadowy
Night, moon eclipsed by cloud, forces of gravity
Or fates, granite stone wall collapsed, mountain
Tomb crushed and buried deep, undiscovered by
Curious children, dreams Coronis and Cosimia
Their parents told, skeleton, sword, and shield.

* Quote of Heraclitus of Ephesus, Greek philosopher,
circa 535 BC to 475 BC (with enduring references to

To facilitate reverse of time, I used opening lines of 
the first stanza in Part 1: 
“Earth tremors during shadowy night, moon
Eclipsed by cloud, forces of gravity or fates,
Granite stone wall collapsed, mountain tomb
Exposed, bronze door unhinged, discovered
By curious children…” 

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