“Sunny-break realizations, my future unfolding I witnessed within clouds…”

Contemplating island life, guiding tides and
Currents, family generations, cedar-shake
Houses built overlooking spruce-clad rocky
Heights, our own island school, prosperity,
Growth, fishing, lobstering, mending herring
Nets, boats dockside, crates of ice-covered
Fish, food and dollars on the table. Thus, are
Childhood memories of island-hewn living,
Confronted by time-hard decline.

Now abandoned, island schoolhouse, built by
Anyone who could carry wood or tools, books,
Chalkboard, teacher educated woman, one of
Ours come home, focused height of community,
Thoughts wake-streaming as I stare into Fundy
Fog, sun-lit haze. Life-decisions cold as these
Dark waters, I’m moving to where life finds,
Work outside of Tronna or in Northern Ontario,
Family spread from there, across Maritimes.

Sunny-break realizations, my future unfolding
I witnessed within clouds, island return, one or
Two years, save money, have a live-in sharing
Expenses, buy cheap car or have none. For now,
I will endure life’s dirty weather, seas pushing
Me from home shores. By grit determination,
Prayers said aloud, course and bearings made
True, contemplation transformed to daylight
Realization, one-way ferry passage home. 

Thanks for reading this island woman’s poem.

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