"The Virgin of Navigators," Alejo Fernandez, 1531-1536, Wikepedia photo.
“The Virgin of Navigators,” Alejo Fernandez, 1531-1536, Wikepedia photo.

Consecration to Mary has perplexed some
Friends, they do not understand why and
How my life has changed, gradual process:
Lessons, studies, prayers, including poetry
Writing, the interaction of ancient gods
And man, leading to solemn decision
To take vows, beyond just spoken words.

For many poverty, chastity, and obedience
To God have fallen from favour for more
Enticing earthly things, this I understand.
Yet, my aspiration for secular religious life,
I shall not regret. Yes, it’s still me, same
Person you have known, living in guiding
Light and blessings of Mary and of Christ.

For those who write poetry, perhaps you
May relate how hammered verses and
Stanzas can change writer’s life, each poem
Like rosary beads, awakened reflection of
Ancient and divine, from Homer, saints,
To inspired apostles, each influencing and
Contributing to who I am today.

Thus, my spiritual journey begins anew,
Turning point in life, seeing differently,
Better path unfolds. No, I have not given
Up all worldly pleasures, though I have given
Myself freely to love and to divine, road to
Faith and spiritual growth, one step, one
Challenge at a time, Consecration to Mary.

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