“Chapelle Rose,” Henri Martin, WikiArt.

Can you feel it, my love? How laughter and
Crying both quake the chest, take the breath.
How eyes water, tears stream, until one engulfs
The other, grief overtaking joy, hearts, young
And old, fracture. Complexities of feelings,
Ironies of life, do I laugh or weep, praise or
Curse my circumstance? Help me catch my
Breath, grasp life anew. If I slip, will you save
Me from calamity, from myself?

Can you hold me, my love? In bed I am naked
Bare, feelings and flesh vulnerable. Touch me,
Kiss me, I cannot bear night awakenings, life
Alone. Which is worse, emotional or physical
Pain? How I long for your warmth, steadying
Strength, lulling to restful sleep, moments
Time-suspended, between heart beats, long
Sleeping breaths. How tearful eyes brighten,
Sorrows give way to loving delights. 

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