"Being there for each other like compass and boat."
“Being there for each other like compass and boat.”

If you love me, say not why or how,
Love me as we are, and I shall love
You, too, without question or doubt.
Love like ours is oft confusing, ocean
Waves embracing sloping seashores,
Hearts joined by tide’s ebb and flow.

If we love each other, pick it not apart,
Like flower petals wind-drifting, each
Thoughts of how our love should or
Should not be, for we are like flowers,
First budding affections, now basking
Unabashed in broad sunlight.

If I love you, this way it must be, to
Care for each other, whether welling
Waves of affection or enduring stormy
Seas. Come to me, hand-in-hand on
Life’s lonely strands, being there for
Each other like compass and boat.

Random poetry for someone not distant but far
away, whether mountains, seas, or Arctic ice. 



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