GleamingSome say we are meant for each other;
We are that and much more – two river
Tides, two female heroic hearts, casca-
Ding sea song, music heard on heaving
Waves, reunited on windswept ocean
Strands, passions stirring in august
Coastal streams.

Our private escape, refuge from troubled
Shores, we share serene peace with arms
And legs entwined. Here, our souls renew
In needful sleep, buoyant yeilding breasts,
Unison breathing, two women sailing airy
Heights beyond constraints of distant
Craggy cliffs.

When on your fishing trawler, amongst
Pitching waves and howling winds, please
Do not misjudge my angst. In my heart,
I know you’re safe. I sense your skilled
Confidence, navigating and wave plowing,
Yet on foam-streaked seas, I reach for
You, lover’s longing grasp.

Come to me and rest on blankets of
Deepening blue. Let’s lose ourselves in
Billowing seas, crest-crashing, relishing
Your briny taste. I surrender to your
Smothering embraces, to drown in your
Muscled arms, for in wresting moments,
Life and death are one.

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