Second of three "Greek Ladies" antique postcards dated September, 1912.
Second of three “Greek Ladies” antique postcards dated September, 1912.

Before self-imposed exile, I remember when
My days were occupied by wondrous luxury,
Columned marble bathing pools, hair thick,
Long-flowing, fig-leaf wreathed, Athenian
Eupatrid households, governing class of
Politically privileged, Clymene, daughter
Of Solon, learnéd Greek statesman.

We had traveled Mediterranean islands:
Sardinia, Sicily, Ægina, reveling in know-
Ledge learned at Neigh’s Egyptian temple,
Wisdomed words of sage Timæus, visions
Of antediluvian antiquity. Like upwelling
Waves, we sought the master’s teachings,
Accounts of mythological Atlantis Island.

Handwritten message on reverse of second of three "Greek Ladies" postcards.
Handwritten message on reverse of second of three “Greek Ladies” postcards.

On crescent-shaped rocky isthmus, human
Life emerged, divine creations, twained souls
Mated, united in flesh and mind, male and
Female, life amongst sea breezes, brilliant
Azure skies, godly inspiration and invention,
Earthly perfection lost to Egypt, vanished
From Greece, memories darkness faded.

Yet, Timæus reassured us an ordered universe,
From greater good, souls brimming with intellect,
Machinations of divine demiurges, celestial
Craftsmen, clockwork of creation, concepts I
Struggled to fathom: elements of water, earth,
Fire, and æther, essence of starlight and souls,
I approached them for understanding.

Chiton-dressed, I accompanied my archon father
As he stepped upon rocky Aeropagus, addressing
Athenian Ekklesia, recasting laws, resolving just
Reforms ten years lasting. To prevent repeal, into
Self-imposed exile we went, composing poetry,
Studying at feet of sages, timeless insights,
Preserving enduring demos, Athens city-state.

Now our fifth year in Cyprus, I frequent ancient
Water wells, fonts of knowledge, hair cut short,
Olive-skinned, I am shepherdess, flock guiding
Along cloud-shrouded Mount Olympus footpaths.
Daughter of Solon, I search for divine wisdom,
Incantations amongst melodious sheep bells,
Marbled pools, chiton gowns a previous life.

Whilst no historical reference exists regarding Clymene,
Solon was instrumental in founding Athenian democracy.
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