Ruins of Greenland Hvalsey Church, Jon Vidar Sigurdsson photo, Wikipedia.

Part 2: Invitation from Norse Brithe

Heart-tugs I feel from kindred realms, across
Whale-paths, gelling ice-seas for Christ’s Mass,
Viking warriors song-raised for Savior’s birth,
Worshiping ways of holy monks, sacred cross,
Weapons and armor, Yule-tide at Hvalsø Kirke,
Hand-built of ashlar stone, Norsemen strong of
Backs and of faith on Greenland fiords.

From beaches low and wind-driven, board our
Longships, row and sail therein, hard voyage
Beyond Vinland shores amongst ice-isles, cold-
Darted rains, warmth of mead halls, feasts for
Old friends visiting from home farmsteads. Lo!
All winter Vikings be, wool blankets and hearth
Fires, tales of conquering heroes told.

Madonna and Child, "Book of Kells," Gospel of Mathew, circa 800 A.D., Wikipedia photo.
Madonna and Child, “Book of Kells,” Gospel of Mathew, circa 800 A.D., Wikipedia photo.

With us, pray on bended knee on Christ’s Mass
Day, born of Mary as angels sing, all free-born
Men food to give, offerings to God, coin and
Gold, prayers for peace, prosperity, and walrus
Tusks, torchlight pilgrimage, Hvalsø Kirke
Viking graves, dead beneath our feet, heaven-
Sailing spirits now granted eternal life.

Family, clan, and chattel have changed much,
Future time-torn days, communion of blood
Feasts, love of family, yearning for separated
Souls, living and dead, two poets on verdant
Clifftops, swords wielded as one, paper as to
Parchment, longboats and sea-steeds, lash of
cold sea spray, our worlds wrought as one.

In this poem, Norse Brithe made invitations for Christmas at winter
solstice, with services at Hvalsey Church. Because the stone structure
was built on Viking 
graves, these burial sites may have contributed
to foundation settling.  
Whilst in Greenland, Vikings traded walrus
tusk ivory with 
Europe, their source of income. For more on Viking
Yule celebrations, see this link.

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