Pleiades star cluster, M45, or "Seven Sisters." Photo by Robert Gendler.
Pleiades star cluster, M45, or “Seven Sisters.” Photo by Robert Gendler.

Beyond reach of lighthouse rotating
Beams, I drove a fishing boat, diesels
Droning, lights shining aloft, into
Ocean swells. The compass narrowed
South of east towards dazzling stars,
Gracing horizon’s edge, drawing me
Moth-like to reckoning light.

Miles from the maddening shelf, radar
Revealed no sea reflections, no boats like
Mine, wandering midnight waves.
Certain of my solitude, I quieted all
Electromechanical devices, drifting with
The tide, under celestial navigation.

As my eyes adjusted to the absence of
Contaminating earthly haze, heavens
Revealed themselves: planets, constellations,
And my companion’s polychromatic light.
What knowledge and wisdom does it
Possess, withheld from earthly mortals?
What wonders of creation has it witnessed,
Not upon this young blue-green globe,
But within our galactic arm, womb of
Cosmic time and space.

In briny seclusion, I realized that over
Communal centuries sea travelers like
Myself had gazed upon this celestial
Sphere astronomers labeled as a star. In
Muted senses, I quest to find life’s eternal
Meaning, an embryonic realization that
Began abruptly in turbid primordial
Oceans, evolving, crawling, standing
Beneath these splendorous heavens to
Contemplate the infinity of love and light.

A quiet night stargazing with binoculars off the Virginia Atlantic Ocean shore.

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