"Autumn Vintage Festival," Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1877, WikiArt photo.
“Autumn Vintage Festival,” Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1877, WikiArt photo.

Attracted to dark ritual, Celena and Kay, mistress
And servant, escaped to Zagros Mountain foothills,
Running hand-in-hand along wheat fields, high-
Sloping olive groves, beyond safety of home, two
Hearts beating to distant drums, rites of Dionysus,
Trespassing into ceremonies, yearning wine-crazed
Passions. By torchlight they witnessed worshipers,
Their intoxicated trance, acts alluring yet daunting
For uninitiated pair.

Companion and confidant, Kay’s place was socially
Cast, subservient obedience in family villa, mistress
Attending, purchased versus privileged. Yet both
Celena and her servant yearned Dionysian mysteries,
Women and slaves permitted, covert wine-cult family
Disapproved, two sisters denied to roam. Preferring
God-sensual delights, they stepped into fire-flickering
Procession, drug-laced wine willingly received, senses
Spirit-bounding to mystic divine.

Death and rebirth, bodies and souls mingling, Celena
And Kay, loss of identity and constraints, two willing
Consentants, mixing with animal skin-clad male suitors,
Rhythm of life and music, flesh-burning dark magic,
They knew not themselves, souls star-rising, mountain
Sweeping, wheat field singing, wings touching gods
Immortal, both earth-plunged, curse or blessing, first
Not recognizing which, for when awakened, souls and
Bodies switched, mistress and servant reversed.

In twilight hours, misalignéd pair home stumbled,
Hand-in-hand, bodies foreign and unaccustomed,
Safety of villa peristyles, mortal pains beyond deific
Role-everting, both suffering agonies of rebirth, slap
Of infant feet, crying first breath, loss of watery womb,
Entering new body, no mother’s loving arms, taste of
Warm breast milk, easing earthly transition. For Kay
And Celena, all this god denied, punishment for
Dionysian night trespass.

"Mischief and Repose," John William Godward, 1895, WikiArt photo.
“Mischief and Repose,” John William Godward, 1895, WikiArt photo.

Weeks later, to sorceress Kay and Celena turned,
Potion they sought to reverse unfitting twain, curse
Crone could not allay, only remedy at night, sleeping
In each other’s arms. Their souls were body-righted,
Fantasies running hand-in-hand amongst celestial
Mountain meadowlands, life-long fate they accepted,
Sip of intoxicating elixir returned them as they once
Were, loss was distinction of family-affluent mistress,
Obedient servant girl, mischief and repose.

Poem of Dionysain mysteries and fate-acceptance, for more
on this ancient cult, see link. This is my week of mischief and
repose, obedient servant girl to my dark-haired mistress.

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