“Red Scarf,” Ion Andreescu, WikiArt.

We had tried everything to continue,
Weekends away, trial separation, our
Rubik’s Cube attempt to find what
Worked for us, except for too many
Moving parts. In uneasy silence,
Breaking up began with emptying
Dresser drawers, closets into garbage
Bags, metaphor for us, for forced
Capability. We did not speak, yet we
Worked methodically to extract one
From the other. “Is this yours?” “You
May have it,” minced words over scarf
We both liked, soft warmth around head
Or neck, cashmere hugs we both desired,
Needed against this Maine gale within,
But were unrelenting, would not yield
And say three words aloud: “I love you.”

Blustery morning poem, rain and wind.
Thanks for reading.

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