Ancient DreamsBorn of ancient dreams, my love and I
are threads of DNA and a mingled soul.
e reckon with our life journeys, mirrored
Reflections we behold, who we are today.
Such are life’s incarnations, sisters or
Married brides, our genes are tightly
, formed and framed as one. 

Variants of our lifetime themes, a slight
Remodeling of her genes, changed blonde
Hair to brunette, her eyes a fiery blue,
And formed her curvy body, one we both
Prefer. That’s what makes us the same yet
Different, expressions of female form, DNA
Manipulation deep within marrowed bone. 

Lost in waves of melancholy, we suffered
Separations, accidents of fate, star-crossed
When and where. Yet, no matter what bodies
We shall wear, our soul is now rejoined.
At nights we sleep as one reunited, an
Eternity of sentient moments, reveling in
Our c
reation, first ocean vistas shared.

So, my love when you are anxious while I am
Out to
sea, remember our quiet walks on wind-
Swept beaches. While separated, we are never
Quite alone. We have love that transcends
Time, a radiant soul that thrives on ocean-
Song. What splendorous music, white-crested
Waves crashing, embracing receptive shores. 

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