Bluebird in morning ocean sun.

Bluebirds nesting in backyard,
My birding is complete, shining
Luminescent in morning ocean sun.
Nesting in our birdhouse, family
effort, varnished, cleaned, mounted
Not too high or low, not in direct
Sun, we consulted our old bird
Book in tatters on the shelf. Was
February too early? Frosty morn,
We placed it on nearby fence post.

Then we waited, as if they would
Appear same chilly afternoon. Yet
Unexpectedly, bluebird landed on
The house, looked around, fence
Hopping, seemingly satisfied.
Family gathered at kitchen widow,
Pair of blue birds had arrived. Such
Simple things, but how empty the
Backyard would feel, if no bluebirds
Were nesting in our birdhouse.

Birding poems are as much fun to write as read.
Thanks for reading.

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