RosaryHer hands thin-pale, sight age-dimmed,
She recalled touch of her beloved rosary,
Serenity of nine decades, longevity in love:
Daughter, mother, and grandmother, life
Ended quietly, slow cessation of breath,
Her blue-bead prayer rosary laced between
Frail fingers, clutched upon her chest as
Life silently expired.

In mourning reverence, family withdrew
crystal beads of Christ and Mary from
Stilled hands, placing delicate strands on
Nearby marbled nightstand, an heirloom
From her mother, by count one-hundred
Venerable years, blessings in whispered
Prayers, each bead gently held, through
Family sickness, two world wars.

“Virgin Mary,” Joaquin Sorolla, 1887, WikiArt.

For now, this sacred blue-bead rosary has
Come to me though it recalls decades of
More accustomed hands. We find comfort
With each other, heart and soul given in
Nightly prayers, holy warmth to crystal-
Beaded touch, beneath my pillow, this
Rosary of Christ and Mary found new life,
Prayers protecting mariners on high seas.

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