Altamura Krater, Walters Art Museum, Wikipedia.
Altamura Krater, Walters Art Museum, Wikipedia.

Twilight hour upon Pindus clifftops, songs
Raised to evening stars, I offered prayers for
Your safe return. With you, Ærion I touched
Divine. Earth and heaven unfolded, we were
As thunder clouds, hillsides tumbling down.
Brazen sounds of youth, exaltation of love,
My hair and robe undone, maiden bathing,
Encounter at forest-secluded springs. Yes,
I am Charis, daughter of shepherd clans,
Flocks roaming high meadowlands.

What fates cast us upon celestial krater?
Potter’s wheel turning round and round,
Two lovers hand-painted, earth and sky,
Love borne upon the stars, physical and
Ethereal, hunting man god-appearing
Or as deific father, mystical images adorn
Your shield, strength of winter gales,
Wielding sword or club, seven sisters
Your attendant train, dark nights your
Heavenly realm.

O! Bitter chill, stars mountain crossing
Beyond mortal reach, my abdomen round
As silver moon, child of Charis, meadow
Maiden, no earthly father to call his own,
Little kicks deep within yearning for life
Amongst silent groves and meteors bright.
Lo! His birth on deep winter night, by
Lantern light with ewes and yearling
Lambs, your starlit belt, Ærion, beckoned
Visitors from valleys, villages afar.

"Lambs," William-Adolphe Bourguereau, 1897, WikiArt.
“Lambs,” William-Adolphe Bourguereau, 1897, WikiArt.

Twilight hour on Pindus mountain heights,
Stones placed upon stones, altar to your
Radiant love, child in arms, my messenger,
Jæson named. What destinies does he
Share with you, shepherd clans? Some offer
Triumphant praise, end of wars and famine,
Quelling illness and disease. Can we be
Satisfied playing in flowered fields? Light
Above his head speaks of higher designs:
Prophet divine, human face and eyes.

Parallels in religion, winter birth of mortal-divine,
another place and time. Who is Ærion? 

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