“Fog obscures as much reveals,
improbable or possible,..”

From clifftops, what do I see peering onto
Bay of Fundy mist? What does my radar
Sense? Dangers ahead measured in nautical
Miles, day or weeks, lifetime of chance taking
Or indecision. Fog obscures as much reveals,
Improbable or possible, all things imagined
Just beyond reach, until sunny breaks
Revealed hammered headlands of home.

Where am I? Between romance and reality,
Pillows and blankets, chilly breeze, lingering,
Spooning with you, entwined physically,
emotionally entangled. We are involved,
Committed, past convention, acceptance,
But we don’t care, yet we silently acknowledge
It, bathing separately, holding bath towel to
Breasts, still something rare and beautiful.

What do we see peering into morning mist?
Sun cloud-struggling to rise on frosty autumn
Days. What did last night disclose? Wind
Fluttering sheer curtains, by night whispers
We shared everything: hopes, fears, midnight
Ice cream, kisses here and there, tasting,
Accepting, not afraid to say “I love you!” out-
Loud. For moments, I scarcely breathed.

Poem written whilst on holiday for Canadian Thanksgiving.
Thanks for reading. 

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