“Black-Capped Chickadee,” 2013, Wikipedia.

Quiet evening with backyard birds,
Ocean shore, cloudy overcast, enough
Breeze to fend mosquitoes, friends
Over, lawn chairs and cold beer, birds
Visit feeders, toothpick bites of peanut
Butter, gobs on flaky pine bark. Seeds,
Dry cat food in feeders. Yes, blue jays
Eat cat food, as do skittish river crows,
Treetop surveying, swooping, taking
Several pieces at one time, flying low
To nests, distant and nearby.

With birds exist grand design, poetry
Of flight and motion, who can eat
And where, taking turns, until the
Big woodpecker descends, tree branch
“Clucking,” bird scattering by dark
Wings, jabbing beak, he owns feeders,
Peanut, sunflower, they all belong to
Him, until he leaves, cacophony of
Evening birds begins anew, landing
Here and there, peanut butter bites,
Bluebirds, chickadees, nuthatches,
And furtive wrens.

“Blue Jay,” Dick Daniels, Wikipedia.

Thus are pleasures of birds and beer,
Breeze amongst ocean pines, seashore
Walking distance away, last of evening
Feeders, cardinal family lurks in shrubs,
Hops to patio, males and females, nests
And territories, when it comes to eating,
Ingrained rules are ignored, hatchlings
Need food, hard spring and summer,
Searching, flying back and forth, feeding,
Several times daily, comes seashore rain,
Finding comfort in nests tonight.

Quiet evening, several friends on the shore, drinking iced long-necks by the pool, guest appearance of bluebirds and usual backyard crew. Then rain moved in,
and we went inside.   

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