Sermon on the Mount by Carl Heinrich Bloch, 1834 - 1890.
“Sermon on the Mount,” Carl Heinrich Bloch, WikiArt.

Once we began, we could not sleep or eat,
We gathered in his name, compiling oral
Accounts of Christ’s life, decades after
Crucifixion, recollections as we framed
Them, according to Matthew, memories
From elders, children raised in tumult and
Glory. Blessed was I, Raizel, daughter of
Jewish family, witnessing mysteries of
Immanuel, faith and miracles: healing,
Bread, fish, and wine.

Impressions and interpretations of divine,
Account as woven shawls, varying and
Oft time faded, events recorded, some in
Historical sequence, others by importance,
Passover or Crucifixion, whether to refer
To God by name. O! Kingdom of heaven,
Pen on papyri, recording eternal days,
Gospel mirroring generations past, king
To whom all bowed or teacher of wisdom,
Forgiveness, and love.

Evenings his presence felt, light shown
Amongst us, room illuminating, where and
How to begin, greater meaning we sought,
Christ as Messiah, beyond Jewish prophet,
Savior for all who followed him and read
Gospels, kindling flame, living word uprose
On sandaled feet, camel caravans, sailing
Ships, beyond our reach, written word
Providing consistency, divine tapestry
Spreading across Mediterranean lands.

"Repenting Magdalene," Geroges de la Tour, 1637, WikiArt Photo.
“Repenting Magdalene,” Geroges de la Tour, 1637, WikiArt.

Thus was my life before strength, eyesight
Faded, not for wealth nor laurel wreathes,
Because it should be done, love, obedience.
Years were oasis of comfort, waters rippling
In desert breeze, gospels as encircling palm
Trees, path to revelation and salvation, my
Inspiring evening walks, faith and prayer,
Altars of desert stones, awakened heart of
Later years, understanding Christ, as man,
Prophet, and divine.

Written whilst listening to “Kingdom of Heaven,” original
motion picture soundtrack by Harry Gregson-Williamson.
I am oft asked what I believe. I am closest to divine on
open ocean, sunrise, new day created, admixture of
ancient and new age, inspired poetic moments on
desolate ocean strands. I see Raizel as divine.

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