Quidi Vidi fishing village near St. John's, NF, Wikimedia photo.
Quidi Vidi fishing village near St. John’s, NF, Wikimedia photo.

My love escape with me to Newfound-
Land to behold brightly painted fishing
Boats on secluded bays and inlets,
Towering Greenlandic icebergs on
Grand Banks, e
vergreens on fog-veiled
Hills gracing s
pringtime Avalon mornings.

Let us ramble along majestic alpine
Plateaus, granite monuments that
Whisper of epochs past, splendorous
Beauty when time first formed this
Austere tableland that I’ve always
Treasured and regarded as home. 

Revel in a rustic past, a pilgrimage of
Two women, finding our rightful
Place, flesh and bone in gathering
Ocean light, fathoming hard decades,
Fishing families in coastal villages,
Struggling to earn a meager living.

There we will find peace and solitude,
Amongst scudding clouds, flocks of
Puffins, and resisted embrace of
Ocean and rock, tumultuous foaming
Strength that renews heart and soul,
Enduring appeal of native shores.

My love runaway with me to a world
Fashioned for hardy souls like us.
We can begin anew without pain or
Guilt of past lives, ordeals we both
Know well, willingly absolved by
Forgiving and forgetting.

Whether as sisters or lovers, my humble
Prayer is that we can live hand-in-hand
On highest cliffs over-looking the sea,
Establish a new life, future of promised
Hopes, bays, boats, and taking Northern
Cod, my proud Newfoundland. 

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