Woman at oceanOcean stormed through dismal night
Gelid waves breaking with sheer might.
Facing ocean wrath without fear or fright,
I venture forth, into raging sea-plight,
Pains of salt spray and its sharp bite. 

Oh my love, without you at my side
Sea and I in boat must willingly collide,
For we are lovers that cannot be denied.
On rising, heaving brine we must arrive,
Embracing knowing depths, raging tides.

When we are both satisfied and at peace,
Ocean and I commune in knowing grace,
Welling wave incantations, I give praise,
For toils of sea-life, fish taken increased,
My trawler sets home in following breeze.

Returning to your arms, ocean in your eyes,
We have our love, passionate, heaving seas,
Arm-in-arm we share daring, secret dreams.
We travel to warm beaches under azure skies,
Rolling surf, salty ocean closely at my side.

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