Sun-Streaming Salt Marsh, Assateague Island, Virginia.
Sun-streaming salt marsh, Assateague Island, Virginia.

Life amongst ocean dunes, winds driven
Patterns in beach sand, betray spring’s
Timid arrival, fronted by winter’s possessive
Grip, scudding clouds and brief snow skiffs
Frequent desolate Assateague Island shores.

Gone from salt marshes are snow geese and
Elusive Arctic swans. Perhaps they ventured
Further south, yet their migratory instincts
Say otherwise, pushing north along East
Coast flyways, buffeted by constant wind.

Within pine woods, ocean ponies huddle in
Protection of thick brambles and pine straw.
During height of day, they seek sun’s warmth,
Returning single file to secluded depths of
Their soggy coastal refuge.

Yet on sunlit mornings, spring stirs birds to
Nest-building. They fly far to seek materials
They fancy. With moss, twigs, bits of string,
They fashion sturdy nests that withstand
Spring’s blustery, life-giving rains.

Thus is life amongst Assateague sea dunes.
Under restless clouded skies, skim ice gives
Way to sultry summer days, thunderstorms,
Surf-fishers, darting kites, children running
At lapping edge of salty surf and warm sand.

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