Part 4: Goddess Eileithyia (Last)

Cloud-height guiding voices, “Run to sea!
Down sloping hillsides, waves glimpsed,
Soldiers pressing, river emptying into
Tide-currents. I fell into welcoming waves,
Beyond arrow-reach, land receding, body
Cleansing brine, laves pain-relieving,
Sea salvation. “I am with you, Aristea,”
Clouds coalescing o’erhead. “Who are you?”
“Goddess you seek, divine sails, favour of
Deific heart.” Such buoyancy I felt in oceans
Deep, blessed visions of creation, celebrated
Of all names, Eileithyia, present when earth’s
Seeds were sown, when humanity was infant
Race, took first steps, pondered night skies,
Orbing heavenly lights.

“Fishing boat on horizon’s edge,” goddess
Stated. Alas! Masthead wave-rocking, lone
Fishermen lifted me aboard, weathered face,
Gnarled hands, sea gliding. I peered not into
Deep-set eyes, within lights revealed, his
Body into wood merging, sails of silvery
Cloud, all round me unreal, or new realities
Discerned, to this day unfathomed still. In
Faith, I sailing-slept, kind light shining down.
Miracles! All transgressions, impulses of
Youth forgiven, new life granted upon
Cyrus isle, end of slavery, scorn, and battle-
Fields, oasis for weary-wandering souls.

“Wheel of Fortune,” Odilon Redon, WikiArt.

In sea-depth dreams I had drowned. Fiery
Flame and thunderbolts, new life was instilled,
Rebirth upon strands, unmeasured hillside
Tracts, ancient ruins my destiny, divinity once
There dwelt, sacred place of enlightenment,
Teaching, healing. Time-displaced, Athens was
But fledgling village, Sümer and my family not
Yet born. In fact, unsure I was who Sümer was
Or represented, if she was goddess-intended.
From this learnt: everyone has their place:
Living, dead, and those, in prayers to gods,
Reborn in life anew. Hear me! I am Altinay,
Sound of lute and lyre, clear-voiced songs
I sing, to Eileithyia, hymns of praise.

An ending more esoteric than planned, this last part returns Aristea (or Altinay)
to Cyprus, so that most of the story-line is flashback, except for enigmatic lone
fisherman. Who might he be or represent? Thanks for reading. 

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