“Sea Storm with Shipwreck,” Marcus Larson, 1857, WikiArt.

Part 5: Apotheosis of Aprilia

For months Ægean Sea, Naxos Isle were as
Aprilia and family recalled, life and faith
Restored, security of stone cottages, music
Of sheep hillside-grazing, fishers net and
Sail repairing. Memory of Galen, City of
Mara’nan dream-faded, remnant of earth-
Exposed Portal of Historia loomed silent –
Until thunderstorms. O! Fallen dome! Earth,
Sea, heavens upturned! As night fell, clouds
Descended, lighting ripped cloth of time.
Pouring rain, Aprilia’s parents collapsed
Like garments laid upon the sea, their
Souls adrift on dark and desolate plains.

Lo! No escape from boat-capsizing seas,
Cottages wave-washed away, window
Peered into abyss. Rain in torrents falling,
Aprilia waded to mountain heights, fleeing
Death of flooding streams, Portal of Historia,
Foundations undone. Mudslide slipping,
Aprilia prayed, “Father Æon, rescue me! To
City of Mara’nan I will return.” Clouds
Clearing, sun breaking, Æon stood before
Her. “My divine shepherdess, temple halls,
You never left. On breezy balcony, sacred
Union made, ancient god, female flesh
Admixed, Aprilia’s chalice was fulfilled.

Fire-alighted womb, in Æon’s arms, Aprilia
Fell passion-consumed, such desires heaven-
Quaked, her head Æon gripped, into Aprilia
Deific breath he breathed, all her soul could
Endure, then more again, scorching taste of
Thunderbolts, marrow metamorphosed to
Light, one word ear-whispered: “Apotheosis.”
Upon transparent wings, celestial spheres
They soared. Alas! Revolving light of sun
And stars, Aprilia, lioness and fountainhead,
All things divine quivered, water in breeze,
Lesser gods humbled to their knees.

“Seated Nude at Lily Pond,” Louis Comfort Tiffany, WikiArt.

Aprilia earth-returned, goddess of wisdom,
Legend enduring since antiquity, Holy City
Of Mara’nan made whole, marble, stone, and
Mahogany wood, tiles inlaid, wall mosaics
Relating union of god and mortal, daughter
Conceived, healing prophetess, darkness
Giving way to light, scriptural verses recited
Until memorized, heaven’s bright-bathéd
Child: Dionē. From Naxos Ilse to Cypriot
Deserts, ancient temples, divinity earth-
Residing now complete, as is this poem
In five parts, Aprilia, Portal of Historia.

Heaven’s bright-bathéd child, Dionē, what adventures await? 
May muses and ancient gods walk with thee, relate legends lost to crumbled
temples, tombs, inscriptions marbled-carved. Such accounts seen, often
spoken, time-obscured, 
and now blesséd maiden, in verse re-awakened.
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